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With the Indian Ocean Drive now bringing Ledge Point within 1 hour 10 minutes from our office we now build in Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Lancelin and Ledge Point. As building techniques vary from time to time influenced by location, climate, market trends and affordability we now offer all of our designs in either double brick, brick veneer or Broome style.

Double brick has for many years been the preferred building method in Western Australia but now with such a large range of alternative products being available people are being more adventurous and opting for designs that incorporate things like colorbond, weather board and texture coated fibre cement .It is for this reason that we have introduced another 10 designs that are constructed from treated timber with colorbond to the external walls. We are calling this range of homes The Masters Range and as the names reflect there is scope for a master piece to be created, if ones imagination is in gear.

These homes include 2700 high ceilings, skirting boards, wall painting and complete insulation including walls.

Jurien Homes is run by Mick and Matthew Purcell now 3 generations of builder experience will go into your home.

Our office is situated at 5 Zircon St in the Lakes Industrial Area. There is a comprehensive display of the products that go into our homes and we endeavour to keep up with the ever changing range of products.